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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are not mere words on an old document. They are the very foundation of freedom. With individual liberty comes individual responsibility. I believe we have a duty to ourselves and each other to be responsible for our own lives, and preserve those rights for not just ourselves, but for our posterity as well.


The government that is closest to the people responds quickest to the people. The further away the government is from the people, it is less likely the individual is considered. Our system of government is designed with the individual governing themselves. That idea has all but disappeared in modern times. We must get back to the idea that government only plays a very limited role in the life of the individual. 


There is a difference between peace and appeasement. So many of today's problems and turmoils arise because people have forgotten how to peacefully communicate with each other. I believe in standing firm on what I believe in. While yet keeping civility at the forefront, that will help make peace achievable. 


Live and let live used to be a main stream idea that needs to be brought back. Tolerance is different than acceptance. We can disagree with someone's speech while still fighting for that person's right to say it. We now live in a time of cancel culture and the people that used to promote the idea of tolerance are now the least tolerant of anything that differs from their views. We need to be more tolerant of each other's differences or civil society will surely crumble.


A truly free market means there are no barriers to entering that market. Free markets and free flow of ideas are what made this country the most prosperous and successful country in human history  It has pulled billions of people out of poverty. Government regulations have destroyed the free markets, and essentially put a boot on the throat of all who try to enter it. With my leadership we will find our way back to the free market principles that will save and grow our state.

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